Choreography, Performance, Costume: Sara Baird
Video Artist: Lee Whittier, courtesy of the Paul Sharpe Gallery
Composer/Sound Artist: Miriama Young
Premiered November 2003

“The gardens were deep in the mist, through which the butterfly clouds were swirling, one mist intersecting another.”
-Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses

“Titlipur” is a meditation on nature, which explores the continuum between human and insect, and between dancer and music. In performance, the dancer creates a live layer of sound through motion, sounding through movement the imagined sonic journey of a butterfly. A pair of accelerometers are attached to the hands of the dancer, so as Sara moves, a signal is sent in real-time to a Max MSP patch. This in turn shapes the musical gestures in specific ways. The harmonic resonances of bird song are subtly manipulated using timbral filters and certain types of reverberation. In this way, the dancer composes her insect-voice in real time, moving to the sounds that she creates with her movement.