Design, choreography and costumes: Sara Baird
Live music: Elisa Faires
Performance: Sara Baird, Julia Taylor, Jenni Cockrell, and John Crutchfield
June 2011 at NC Stage in Asheville, NC

In Lacuna, the dancers emerge from a plastic terrain as Victorian ghosts of the past. The piece is a reflection on a woman’s place in society during that era. Inspiration comes from altered ideas about beauty and the strange rituals from that time. For example, women would drink vinegar to wash the color out of their faces or paint veins on their necks and chests. Fragility, weakness even sickness were considered very beautiful qualities. Lacuna also addresses present day ideas about etiquette, social codes, and the many roles women play in society.  Live music is performed by Elisa Faires. Using a tea pot and service items, she creates and layers sounds that are captured in real time.