Io and Leda


Choreography: Sara Baird
Performance: Christine Coleman and Erin Dudley
Costumes: Nicola Gardiner
Music: Slow Six
Video Artist: Lee Whittier
November 2005

Two of Jupiter’s moons are caught in the orbit of a celestial romance. These heavenly bodies teeter between android-human, male-female, and replica-alter ego. Are they mirror or shadow? Essence or echo? Submerged in the void of outer space, the pair swims through the abyss guided by flickers of passion and drawn towards the glimmer of what might be true love.

Taking the common theme of a classic love story, this piece spins into the cosmic dimension. The work captures two unique planetary bodies and investigates how they affect one another through gravitational pull, attraction and repulsion, space sharing, and chemistry. Io and Leda/Jupiter I and IX pulls the perspective outside of the ³self² and then moves beyond the human experience to look at love on an energetic level.