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Kū (working title for a new program)

 Kū is most often translated as “Void“, but also meaning “sky” or “Heaven“, represents those things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy. Bodily, kū represents spirit, thought, and creative energy. 

The evening is composed of four scenes in different four spaces 
1. Koromo-dako (26 minutes, quartet), Summer/Natsu 夏 & Water/Mizu 水
2. Godai (20 minutes, solo), Autumn/Aki, 秋 & Earth/Chikyū 地
3. Hanetsuki (15 minutes, trio), Winter/Fuyu 冬 & Fire/Kasai 火
4. Koori (20 minutes, quartet), Spring/Haru 春 & Ice+Wind/Kori 氷

More details are coming soon. 

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