Creative Platform

AnemoneDanceButohCrativePlatform2The work of Anemone Dance Theater is influenced by the philosophy of Japanese Butoh Dance – a theatrical poetry of opposites. The company investigates the lightness and darkness of humanity, the power of the natural world, and the constantly evolving relationship between technology and our society. The company pursues interdisciplinary art making through artistic collaborations and by placing value in every aspect of the production design: costumes and props, music, and visuals. Over 30 collaborators from fields as diverse as woodworking, ice sculpting, composition, theater, and video have contributed to the company. Many performances happen in alternative performance spaces and site specific locations where the environment is integral to the experience. Modern dance visionaries Loie Fuller, Mary Wigman, and Alwin Nicholais are also an inspiration as well as the Japanese art of impermanence, Wabi Sabi. Anemone Dance Theater is under the artistic direction of Sara Baird.