Anemone Dance Theater

Anemone Dance Theater produces multimedia performances that integrate choreography, light, original music composition, sculptural costumes, and set design. Anemone Dance Theater is under the artistic direction of Sara Baird. Sara seeks out artistic collaborators, pursues interdisciplinary art making and alternative performing spaces. To date, Anemone Dance Theater has more than 25 original dances in the repertory.

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Anemone Dance

Butoh Dance

Anemone Dance Theater is influenced by the philosophy of Japanese Butoh Dance. Anemone’s repertory explores themes ties to the harmonies and tensions found in the natural world, the evolving relationship between society and technology, and the beauty found in the struggle between the lightness and darkness of humanity.

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North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship

Sara Baird, artistic director of Anemone Dance Theater, is pleased to announce that she was awarded the North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship in choreography for 2014-15. This award includes funding from the state of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Sara and Julie

Sara Baird, Anemone Dance Theater, and Julie Becton Gillum, Legacy Butoh, are frequent collaborators, having choreographed and performed many times together. They produced the sold out show, Yugen through NC Stage’s Catalyst Series, and premiered new work at Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center’s {Re}Happening event for the last five years. Both artists have toured the world with 60 years of combined professional experience. They are please to bring you UWABE – Art in the Park.

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